Thank you so much for your interest in being featured on Open Secret Studios! We love showcasing beautiful inspiration from weddings, engagement sessions, and stylized shoots. We love a balance of details and those special captured moments in our submissions, and we welcome all simply edited professional photography styles that exemplify the diversity in our region. Most of all, we want to share sweet love stories!

If you would like to resubmit your feature to another wedding publication after being published on Open Secret Studios, we ask that you wait two (2) months before submitting elsewhere and let the second publication know that it was first featured here on Open Secret Studios as industry courtesy and standard.

To avoid confusion, we only accept submissions from photographers/filmmakers or their wedding PR representatives. If you are a vendor or bride/groom, please ask the photographer to submit. If the photographer/filmmaker is unavailable for any reason to submit, written emailed permission from the photographer will be required.

General Guidelines for Website Submissions

• We accept weddings, engagements, bridal sessions, styled shoots, and other wedding-related events/parties shot within the past 2 years via our online submission form (see below).

• Please only submit a wedding when you have express permission from the couple. We want them to be excited about being published!

• All submissions should receive a response within 14 business days unless otherwise noted on our submission form. If you have not heard a response after 14 business days, please email [email protected] to follow up.

• If your submission is accepted, please note that you can currently expect to be published within 1-2 months. You will receive an email with the date of your publication.

• For vendor credits, it is our policy that we only link to custom website domains to the vendor’s professional website (e.g., due to prevention of broken links that unfortunately affect SEO and site experience. As always, social media pages are, of course, tagged on our respective social channels when the feature is shared on social media.

• Please send at least 30 photos for sessions and at least 75 for weddings and stylized shoots. This helps us curate, tailor, and create a unique story of your feature.

• A great submission consists of varied photos: 40% details, 40% people (candids and portraits), and 20% environment. All publications are different in their preferences, but here at Open Secret Studios, we prefer a balance for an aesthetically-pleasing feature. Please look at past weddings we have published as a visual example in how we curate each wedding story.

• All images should be sized no smaller than 2400px. High-resolution photos are not needed, but your photos should be unwatermarked, uncollaged, and without additional graphics/borders.